Sunday, October 28, 2012

15 reasons why moving sucks

1.       When your house is clean, you look around and say, “Wow, we don’t have that much stuff to move.  Hooray!”  You laugh and pat yourself on the back for having 2 yard sales and getting rid of so much stuff.  Then you open up a kitchen cabinet and realize you have to pack all that ‘must have’ culinary stuff.

2.       Damn.  We’re gonna need more boxes.

3.       When you rarely open the closet in your husband’s home office, and, when you do, an avalanche of crap pours out.  Have to pack that crap too.

4.       Damn.  We’re gonna need more boxes.

5.       When you own what seems like 1,000 different pairs of shoes & purses that you cannot, will not, and must not part with, but have absolutely no idea how they will be transported or where they will reside at your new, smaller residence.  Call the architect.  Must add a larger closet.

6.       Damn.  We’re gonna need more boxes.

7.       When you decide it’s a good idea to go through stuff before you pack it, just to see if you can throw anything away. Five hours later you’re still looking through old photos & now in tears.  Must keep everything.

8.       Damn.  We’re gonna need more boxes.

9.       No.  I’m not a pack rat.  Why do you ask?  Then you realize you are a pack rat ... Damn.  We’re gonna need more boxes.

10.   When you realize that you shouldn’t have listened to your husband when he said, “we can do this ourselves.”   Note to self – don’t listen to husband ever again.  Damn him.

11.   When you realize you’re somewhat of a control freak and that is indeed why you didn’t want others helping to pack your house up.  Damn me.

12.   When the scary mortgage monster rears its hideous, incompetent head the week of closing and it gets delayed another week.  Damn Bank of America!

13.   When you wake up in the morning and stub your toe on a box that wasn’t there yesterday morning, but it’s there now.  Then reality hits that you have still have much more packing to do.  

14.   Damn.  We’re gonna need more boxes.  Need coffee.  Cannot cope without coffee.

15.   When you had no idea that that many expletives could be said during the course of the day.  Damn moving.  Never doing it again!

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